This is a product that can potentially disrupt the whole media production industry.

Sightful, a 60-person start-up based in Tel Aviv, has quietly introduced a groundbreaking product called Spacetop, heralded as the world’s first augmented reality laptop. While much attention has been given to advancements in artificial intelligence, Spacetop demonstrates the potential for an equally significant economic disruption. Unlike virtual reality, which immerses users in an entirely artificial environment, Spacetop utilizes augmented reality (AR) by overlaying virtual elements onto the real world. The technology consists of a pair of goggles resembling sport sunglasses, which, when worn, insert multiple virtual computer screens into the user’s visual field. These screens float above a standard keyboard, creating the illusion of working on a computer connected to large external monitors. The goggles remain transparent, allowing users to see their surroundings while simultaneously viewing the virtual screens, such as in a Starbucks where the coffee shop ambiance blends with the augmented virtual workspace.

The technology seems impressive but I wonder how invasive it is to your brain processing information. Have you ever used a VR head set? I can’t imagine using a VR headset more than 30 minutes— I felt fried and dizzy afterwards from my experiences. AR is a little different but I assume the effects are the same, not only that you, yourself would be processing exponential amounts of digital information with a bunch of windows and screens open around you.

The video above is eerie in a sense that it shows a freelancer living out of their van utilizing a small portion of their space working digitally. I say that this is eerie because prices keep going up, and our ability to attain any kind of space for living or working is becoming harder and harder. They’re trying to sell an idyllic vision of digital nomadism. If you’re lucky you can live out of a van!  Its still going to be an innovation that can potentially take away our physical space. I’m just playing devils advocate here– I am talking about this product because it really can be the next thing but its implications I’m still trying to work out.

Mark Zuckerburgs Metaverse has failed because Facebook and Mark are just not cool and didn’t market it properly.. For a company known to be so invasive how can the general consumer trust a product that immerses you completely into a headset. Sightful has the potential to be developed to have consensual virtual reality capabilities(like the metaverse). Maybe the answer for a metaverse to jump off is to have a product that is Augmented and not fully immersive..

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