Nina Hartmann’s Soft Power

8 September – 7 October, 2023

350 Broadway
New York NY 10013

“Hartmann’s work is heavily informed by an interest in mysticism, symbols and diagrams as spaces that organize, display and communicate information of mystical and esoteric belief systems throughout history: kabbalah diagrams, alchemical charts, early astrological maps, all the way to modern diagrams and algorithms depicting methods of AI deep learning. In addition to symbols and diagrams, Hartmann incorporates maps, infrastructures and aerial views of architectural systems of control such as the panopticon and other methods of controlling and surveilling within space, like prisons, hospitals or schools. ” – Silk Lindner



Fractals, Psychological Warfare, Black Secret Technology, Chaos Magick.. my kind of stuff!

Sorry for the shitty photos, the gallery was really crowded and it was hard to capture the pieces.

They are quite big and each has presence on their own. Not that their art is similar but it kind of reminds me of seeing Frank Stella’s pieces in person– it has a very large graphic presence.

Nina Hartmann is awesome. I’m excited to see anything she makes.
I highly recommend seeing this in person if you can!

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