This is an article about WADU, JP morgans surveillance system on their employees.

JPMorgan employees have expressed concerns and growing “paranoia” about the company’s surveillance system, known as WADU (Workplace Activity Data Utility). The system tracks various aspects of employees’ work lives, including office attendance, calls, calendars, and more. Employees fear the potential implications of data collection on their job security and describe an atmosphere where terms like “Big Brother” and “1984” have become common. WADU’s exact workings are not fully understood by employees, but it tracks and reports information to JPMorgan managers. Although the bank claims the data is intended for business efficiency and workplace safety, employees report that it has been used as a basis for employment actions. Some employees have adopted tactics to evade detection, such as using a “mouse jiggler” to prevent their virtual workspace from timing out due to inactivity. Concerns have been raised about the bank’s increasing resemblance to a government rather than an employer.

What I found even more jarring is that there were posts on Reddit discussing this technology in detail. The posts kept being taken down by moderators. I felt if that is the case than I should screenshot and share 🙂

Whether or not it is completely true.. surveillance technology will be refined to these specifications.

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